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Optimum Repair vs. Optimum Health: The Two Approaches

Optimum Repair is when the dentist places crowns, bridges, implants, or gold /porcelain fillings (products) that would help to protect the tooth and use materials that last longer than plastic and silver. When this is done it could still cause more disease unless some simple things are done prior to this. Just because people have optimum repair it does not make them healthy. What does?


Optimum Health is where there is a good plan that is created with an endpoint. Dentistry can be done in such a way to limit the amount of exposure to disease. First there is a good foundation that is created and monitored to the health of the gums as well as looking at the whole as a system. Therefore the stresses on the teeth are limited. The bite is well balanced and the chewing system is working efficiently. You know how plaque affects you. You can take action against this and succeed. So in essence there is a good foundation to build off of. Then when it comes to fixing things that are already damaged, you have a plan that encompasses the whole area and when you decide to have this repaired and want more long lasting restorations, you do it as a unit so that the contours and bite match up well. Also you know how to keep it healthy.


This costs less than doing it one at a time. Why? Because single tooth dentistry creates more problems long-term and usually has to be done over. It creates more problems as a result of not thinking of the mouth as a system. So Optimum Health can be long lasting, but Optimum Repair can lead to more problems.


Your mouth may have seen a mix of optimum repair with no long-term thinking. It is just fix a tooth and move on. Because there was no plan in mind, this disease care has resulted in your system revolting in the form of sore muscles and a bite that just doesn’t fit. Single tooth dentistry with no plan is a one way ticket to nowhere. The disease cycle is never broken. You keep moving from temporary health to more disease and the cycle continues like that until it can take no more.


At this point there is still hope but each year it becomes more complicated to fix. A good game plan could change all that with you and it is here that the rubber meets the road. A plan will be created with you that meet your needs and values. It is where you understand your options and help me create this plan for you. There are three basic choices. We will honor and respect what ever you choose, as long as you know the consequences of your choices.


• Short-term repair to stop the disease temporarily


• Long-term health centered strategies that take into account the whole system (teeth, muscles, joints), and good plaque control with an effectiveness in above 90%.


• Do nothing

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