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What is Myofunctional Therapy:

Myofunctional Therapy is similar to physical therapy, but specifically for the facial muscles. The purpose is to restore normal function to the lips, tongue and cheeks.


There are 4 main goals of therapy:

  1. Restore Nasal Breathing

  2. Strengthen Lip Seal

  3. Correct tongue Resting Posture

  4. Correct Swallowing Pattern

By achieving these goals, it can help get to the root of many larger health problems- oral and systemic.


First Visit- Consultation (In office)

  • Meet with one of our trained Myofunctional Therapists

  • Review medical and dental history

  • Discuss sleep disordered breathing and TMJ issues

  • Determine if muscle compensations are present

  • Diagnose muscle dysfunctions such as tongue thrusting and incorrect swallowing patterns

  • Determine tongue tone and resting position

  • Determine if tongue restriction is present & the severity of the tie

  • Discuss frenectomy protocol

  • Take baseline measurements and determine you or your child’s specific needs

myo pic.jpg
  • After the consultation the therapist will customize a plan for your individual needs and help you get started with therapy sessions.


Zoom Sessions- After consultation

  • Meet 1x every 2 weeks via Zoom

  • Visits take approximately 1 hour

  • Therapist will teach you exercises for you to practice 5 mins 2x/day

  • Program will consist of approximately 12-15 sessions

  • Parents must be present during Zoom sessions with children

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