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Dental Implants
  • Virtual 3D implant planning

    • We use the latest 3D digital technology to virtually plan your dental implant placement.  This eliminates the need for dental impressions.



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  • Minimally invasive approach

    • Our method drastically reduces the risk of the procedure and also reduces healing time. In most procedures this approach allows for no incisions and no stitches.  ​

  • All-on-4 implant option (full cosmetic permanent implant bridges)

    •  All-on-4 is an implant option where we can replace a patient’s teeth permanently with a minimum number of implants. In some cases just 4 implants are needed. Using our 3D technology the implants can be placed with precision making the procedure easier and more comfortable than the traditional approach. This is a life changing procedure for a patient that gives them a second chance for teeth.​​​

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  • On-site advanced technology

    • With our advanced technology we are able to complete

   all phases of the procedure in-house. This means that       we are able to make the teeth here and you are able to     leave with your new smile in the same visit.